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  1. Loved seeing Ana’s name in print for her art!
    And seriously, how EXASPERATING to have to RETELL Ana’s history OVER AND OVER AGAIN! Sheesh! And Ugh about the car.
    But I seriously LOVE hot-off-the-presses updates. 🙂

  2. Wow, cool. That’s GREAT about Ana’s design being used for the holiday cards. Awesome. I love the way the skater has the leg in the air so perfectly. Since I am a skater and Ana is a skater — and she did the design — I got excited to buy some. But I didn’t see that card on the page where the above link goes to. Could you point the way to them? Thanks! I thought these would be perfect to send to family and friends.

    I keep seeing — envisioning strongly — Ana back out on that rink, once she can put these hospital days behind her.

  3. Sorry for the lack of rest and the car :(( we’ll pray for you. The cards looks great, i will share them in Facebook and definitely buy some, too :)) thanks for the updates.

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