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  1. onward gently and with love. Went to bed last night after reading this post and remembered to remember that the chemo can be seen as a light too, a cleansing light coursing through the body. I have had friends visualize thus and they were all able to come out on the other side cleared and healthy. All my prayers and all my love. xox

  2. I’m breathing a little better this morning, reading of Dr. Yamashiro’s “optimism” on chemo, and I hope you are, too. The little light at the end of the tunnel in your photo is a perfect depiction of how this must look in your head and heart.

    The “Do It For Love” link from Linda (below) sounds like a great suggestion to follow up with!

  3. We’d like to contribute to the hair fund if Ana can give chemo a try. Also reminding my Dad to do his prayer thing.

  4. Hi there-we don’t know each other, but have mutial friends on Facebook, so when they post on your wall, it comes up in my feed. I have followed a few of the links to your blog. I am very happy to see you got some good news!

    I am reaching out because I saw Ana’s Black Sabbath wish! I dont know if you are familiar with Michael Franti’s “Do It For the Love” Foundation, which grants music wishes to individuals facing challenging medical conditions. They try their best to provide a show of choice to the eligible individual, and Ana would most certainly be eligible. Maybe they can help! Here is the link: http://doitforthelove.org/

    I wish you all healing and peace! Ana is in my thoughts and prayers.


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