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  1. A teachable moment indeed, Jackie. Sounds like you handled this well with Ana. But I understand, Mother, that it will take you a little longer to recover from the inevitable “hiccups”.

  2. Wearing my new pins…. and bracelets! Ana was fabulous up on that stage yesterday!!!! YAY! With you in spirit ALWAYS, and will be watching for an update… so very grateful for your sharing. Storey’s “Maki” grandma.

  3. There’s definitely a fever-y flu going around HMS right now (3 people in my household have had it). Hope she’s feeling better tomorrow morning!

  4. How could this not be scary, and also disheartening after such a wonderful, amazing concert and day on Sunday. You said all the right things to Ana, which says so much about your ability to express this while your own mind and heart are scared. It’s so good that you were helping Ana to learn not to blame herself about getting a fever. I’ll say prayers tonight that Ana’s fever subsides and that you all get good rest — which can do so very much to help the fever go away. I’m keeping in mind Ana’s resilience and strength, so evident when she sang on that stage Sunday, Take care, Jackie.

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