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  1. Hello Jackie, Jim, Ana, and Emily,
    As we open school tomorrow, know that you are in the thoughts of all HMS community members who know of your circumstances. Ana, your teachers and classmates will be thinking about you, writing to you, and very soon seeing you in video chats! We are sending you our collective strength and love.


  2. These photos are so special. Thank you for sharing this experience with us. Your family is an inspiration! I’m thinking of all of you and sending strength Ana’s way. I’m also looking forward to seeing Emily tomorrow and giving her some love.

  3. Wow, these rock/beach sculptures are awesome! So affirming and beautiful. Today, I am continuing to pray and think of Ana and you all. I have kept envisioning her being in the care of very skilled hands who are helping and starting to create her complete healing.

    Like Carol above, last night I watched Ana in the YouTube video, singing “Set Fire To the Rain.” Her talent and the way she performed that song were incredible and very moving. I feel lucky that I was there that day to see it. I keep thinking of her strength, in creating such a performance, even as I know and get upset about how much she is enduring right now — so much for a beautiful, wonderful kid such as her. I continue to have strong faith in Ana receiving the treatment, support, and love she needs to get well and back to her life of singing, drawing, playing with her kitties, and hanging with her friends. I keep that vision, very strong. Love to Ana and you all today!

  4. Thinking of you this morning and sending healing thoughts. I hope you don’t have to wait too long for the biopsy results, and that Ana’s treatment can get underway SOON. Be good to yourselves today.

  5. Hi Jackie, Jim, Emily and Ana. I’ve been thinking about all of you a lot and want to send my love and warmest thoughts. I would also love to check in with you about school tomorrow. If Emily will be joining us, please allow a few quick minutes to sit with Emily and me before our day begins. Please call or email if you’d prefer to do so today. Much love to you all. Jackie

  6. Hello, I am a High Meadow Community member and only know you peripherally, yet my thoughts and prayers for Ana and your family are special and strong. I believe in the power of prayer and send all positive thoughts your way. Love, Claire Wasser

  7. when i went to check an update early this morning… I googled anadooley and got side tracked into watching Ana and Emily singing on you tube – what a lovely treat – and then I came to this site and saw Ana’s name in the rocks and sand – so beautiful!.. I am filled with hope and sending love every minute from our family to yours, Carol

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