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  1. Hey Jackie,
    I hope you get that call soon so you all can get on with Anas recovery and not feel like your life stops every time your phone rings, It’s true when they say “the waiting is the hardest part” I know I’ve said it before but your blogs are so insightful and touching. I can’t even begin to imagine how difficult your journey is, but through your words you have given us a glimpse of the inside of your world and all the emotions that come along with having a child with cancer. Theres many of us that follow along with you day by day and keep you all in our thought and prayers. Thanks for sharing your inner most thoughts. Oh btw, I left a message for Ana on her blog but don’t know if she read it. My 15 yr old daughter loves anime/manga and loves to draw, she wants to know who Ana’s favorite anime character is because she wants to make a drawing for her. Also does Ana have a book on drawing anime because we want to send her some as well as some manga books. You can email me if you get a chance.

  2. That’s our math girl! Rocked their world, she did!
    Strange how our human defenses want us to default to normal, even when things are completely topsy turvy. I get how you would feel the two pulls…one towards normalcy and the other towards suspending reality and taking advantage of every moment you can with Ana. The odd thing is that kids tend to want the normal…they have a way of keeping us grounded, don’t they?
    Oy, but what a suspense story you are in. Thinking about you guys.


  3. My thoughts are with you, and be thankful that she is alive! Sorry you all have to go through this. Do not hold your breath, Breathe…THINK POSITIVE!

  4. You touched on so many points, thanks for this full update. I’m especially moved by this:

    “We jump when the phone rings and I keep trying to visualize when we’ll get the call, and how we’ll handle it and how I will be able to get through that long, long surgery. Can I hold my breath for 9 hours?”

    and this:

    “I keep wondering if I’m wasting moments. Am I taking time with Ana for granted? I want to hang onto these days of quiet almost-normalcy as long as possible, but I feel them slipping away.”

    I hear you around the anxiety of the impending unknown. Like something’s going to change, but how? What will it look like? How can I prepare for this, knowing it’s going to happen, so I *want* to prepare, but how? What should I do? This unknown about how to Be totally puts a needle in the record for those of us who like to do things “right”. 😉 I really hear and understand that.

    Maybe we can’t be a “guide” to our loved ones or ourselves, maybe we’re just companions. I love that Ram Dass quote, “We’re all just walking each other home.” I find it grounding when I’m yearning for “more”.

    Thanks again for swirling out this great post.

    Love you.


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