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  1. A ray of sunshine! Positive energy flowing to you all, keep breathing and drinking water and seeing Ana onstage at HMS singing to everyone.
    Susan Bryan Hudson

  2. Jackie, we don’t know each other but I’m a Pittsburgh friend of Susan D’s. She had so often spoken of your family, and the girls especially. Since the news of Ana’s illness, I’ve followed your blog and kept all of you in my prayers. Most, times, that’s all “strangers” can do.

    I work as a nurse in pediatric primary care. I find it easier to fully understand most of the clinical information you share, but allow myself to only scrape the surface of the emotional ramifications of your family crisis. You are experiencing head-on a situation that most of us who are parents protectively turn our backs towards. I hope that I can never use the words “I know how you feel”. I absolutely do NOT. I can’t even let myself imagine.

    Regardless of her condition from day to day, I have no doubt that you and Jim are the sources of strength Ana clings to – that in her worst moments of pain, it is YOUR eyes and touch that are the balm that make morphine work; that in any difficult moment, she will look to YOU for reassurance that this shall pass. There is no doctor, treatment, or playmate that can reach your little girl as deeply as YOU. Oh, what a powerful gift! This is parenting…at it’s worst, and at its best.

    God keep you all as you endure this struggle, and may all of our prayers be answered “Yes!”.

  3. Positive energy, the best of hopes and prayers are continuously being sent Ana’s way ( and to the family too) from so many people. I realize it is, understandingly, frustrating to wait for an answer, but this email should give you a bit of comfort until that answer comes. Stay strong everyone, and hugs to you all, especially Ana. :o)

  4. Gail and I are with you, heart and soul. We are friends of Janne and Susan. We really feel compassion for this roller coaster you are riding into the unknown. So glad you have such a ‘human’ doctor to accompany you. One day at a time.

  5. Wow, this is encouraging news. The oncologist’s positive attitude based on what they are seeing and on a prospective treatment plan is a ray of light in this very difficult time. Thank you for sharing this note from Dr. Hochberg. Will share this with my family while in Pittsburgh this weekend since they have been very, very concerned about Ana. Prayers and healing thoughts to continue unwavered.

  6. That email sounds encouraging, I hope it give you all some much needed peace and is the sunshine you need in a dark place. Continued prayers for Ana and all of you 🙂

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