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  1. Jim, I want to say how brave you are and what an inspiration. It is such a difficult thing to wait for a child who is in surgery…. and you will be kept in our loving thoughts and prayers as you navigate this new reality. Trust that this will work out.

  2. I have been thinking about Ana and your family and sending positive thoughts constantly. I dont know what else I to say (and that is rare).

  3. Hey Jim, Glad you are finding some comfort in the support you are all receiving. I have been praying continuously for Anas healing and like so many others I am anxiuosly awaiting good news. This website is great and thank you for sharing, everyone appreciates being informed and its so great that we can Just log on and donate. My heart goes out you and your family during this difficult time, just know that God is a healer and nothing is too difficult for him. From all the posts I have read it seems that Ana has tons of family & friends that love her and are keeping her in prayer, she is truly blessed. SHE WILL GET BETTER 🙂

  4. Hey Jim, Hugs from all of us. Emily and Layla are having a bunch of fun building a gazebo out of branches in the back yard. Having her here makes me feel closer to you all. Thinking about you all a lot today! xoxo Amy

  5. Jim, so grateful for your post and your quick update on Ana. So many (including me) are with Ana and you all hour-by-hour today, during this tense time. I keep feeling a sense that she is in good, well-trained hands for her healing, and has so much love around her. I’m happy you feel this safety net forming around you all, in a time that is so difficult and scary. Take care. Love to you and Ana, Jackie, Emily, grandparents, and all!

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