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  1. Hi Jackie – here is a saying for the day that may feel appropriate:
    “Courage is grace under fire” – I think that this describes you perfectly in this most challenging fight for Ana’s care. Anyway I am glad you can look towards the positive and the fact that Ana will be performing again is so amazing and so great that she is back in school – the children are tickled pink…

    take care and sit down and enjoy the concert and all it brings tomorrow, love to all, Mary-Ann

  2. I agree with Amy’s comments, Jackie. That release of anger and feeling like you can’t make logical, rational choices for your own child’s care needs an outlet — doing it here means you have lots of understanding and support. And having gone through my own insurance challenges, it felt good for me to rail at CDPHP on their FB page. 😉 Your situation is such an obvious red flag for further insurance reform!

    Nevertheless, I too heard the exhale and am glad you’re moving forward. Good luck on Sunday! I know it will be amazing. Please post video for those of us who aren’t able to attend!

  3. I feel like I’m in a real vortex of forward-moving energy, reading this post, from the appreciation of the musicians and everyone else involved in Sunday’s concert (can’t wait!) to the transplant prep. It sounds like insurance is receiving a deliberate un-focus — not only in your blog entries but perhaps in your own energetic field as well. You’re obviously trying to work with it, but I felt a palpable shift about it in your words, kind of like an exhale and a release about it because your emphasis is just so strongly forward-moving.

    So many cheers and tears in this journey, I so appreciate that you’re sharing them. Thank you! xoxoxo

  4. Hey Jackie,

    I get what you are saying about keeping the rants under control but I think many parents have gone through the feelings you have talked about and feeling like the control over what happens in your child’s life has been ripped away from you. It’s a natural instinct to fight for your child and while most of us have not gone through exactly the same thing, I think many of us understand your rantings pretty well. I think you have a right to them. It is nice to see it all the good posts the shitty (sorry but that’s as plain as I can put it) posts and everything in between.

    Sunday is going to be AMAZING!!! I can feel it. I can’t wait!


    • Thanks, Amy. I just took that one post down which targeted the one MD at CDPHP – at least three of them have denied this appeal at this point anyway. Onwards and upwards. CAN’T WAIT UNTIL SUNDAY!!

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