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  1. As I read your words, I hear a part of you that wishes for that groundedness, that place to stand on, that place you don’t have to think about so you can orient better when you *do* have to think about things.

    What came through for me is this intensity about you where you don’t need the ground. Isn’t that interesting? That wherever you are, hurling through space, that’s all you need for your part of it, as you continue to access that raw, core center of yours.

    I feel like this type of post of yours should leave me with the impression of your drifting and being lost, but instead I see vibrancy and intensity all your own, released from former tethers (WHICH ARE DARNED NICE TO HAVE, IN MY OPINION! 😉 , strong in your own power and unit, like a star. Huh.


  2. It’s all good, Mama. Wonderful news – traveling toward your goal. Deep breath, take a bubble bath. You’re doing your best which is astronomical and magical.

    As always, sending hugs to you all. And, maybe Ana can braid my hair someday? 🙂


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