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  1. Jackie, PRO-ACTIVE is the other side of control. And you are brilliant at it. It takes a major amount of control to stay focused for such research and advocacy for Ana in the midst of such fear and stress. It is not just your Mama Bear skills, which of course you have tons of. As I have said from the start, it is so reassuring to trust you and Jim so thoroughly as parents for so many reason in this horrible and complex situation. And I will continue to say this as I know how much we all need to hear about our strengths, especially at critical times. Love you all at every moment. Mom

  2. I’ve had you, Ana, Jim, and Emily much on my mind since first reading your post on Wednesday night about your approval as a living donor,Then I read what your Mom and Janne wrote, and I realized how much everyone is feeling. I’ve been praying for a liver to come through. May someone hear these prayers that so many of us have. You are being asked to be so strong in the middle of something monumental and difficult. I think you’re very brave, Jackie, and your love of Ana in doing this is so evident.

    One night reading one of your posts I wished I had a soundtrack because, in reading each paragraphs, it’s like “ohmygod…jeeeeeezus…what the…ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!…oh my goodness…awwwww… Jeeesus Gawd.” All the emotions and developments you all are going through…there is so much going on. It makes my heart ache to read of Ana feeling so sick, especially, too, with the fever and cold and everything. Soon, soon, soon — this surgery will come, What heartens me is the high level of skill of the surgeons and medical people, who will do what needs to be done to get Ana to healing and back to her life growing up. CANNOT WAIT FOR THE DAYS! I’m thinking of you all, and words really do not convey how much. Take special care, Have hope, as much as possible to hearten you, in the middle of this very trying time, Jackie. Love, Susan

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