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  1. Wow, this whole interview is very heartening! If I were talking with Dr. Kato, I would feel a lot better after getting all of these responses — and I hope that you and Jim do. He sounds optimally, super-super careful (not surprising for someone at his level, right?). In addition, Dr. Kato’s responses about using the special technique that minimizes the visibility of scars — the one he uses for teens, but would also employ for Ana — really shows an incredible sensitivity.

    After reading these answers, I am left with a question about which way you will go — living donor or cadaver donor — especially since Dr. Kato noted that a “cadaver donor with a WHOLE liver is preferred” exactly because of this issue with the portal vein. I will just follow along, praying like crazy over the next couple of days while you go through the tests — that the Divine guides Ana and you all exactly where you need to go. Please keep alive your faith and belief in Something that will sustain you through these difficult moments, rest as much as is possible, and know you are in many hearts — like mine — in these crucial days. What an excellent, and heartening, Q&A from Ana’s surgeon! .

  2. I like this surgeon…I was actually wondering if I could be a donor..in spite of my health problems..if you weren’t a good match..and I’m (ahem) about 25 years above the optimum age range..I’m glad he’s picky too….

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