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  1. Hi Jackie,
    you have been part of my family since when my son, Mauro, now 5, has born with bilateral cleft lip. I was reading your site the day before he underwent his first surgery. I probably was reading your site the day before he underwent his second surgery, but I don’t remember quite well now. I just wanted to tell you that you and your family are important to me. Very important. I send you a big hug that comes from a rainy place somewhere in Italy. ciao, Patrizia

  2. Thank you for this final post, Jackie. We just returned from Canada and I was thinking about you a lot there, how Ana went into the hospital just before our trip last year, and how I was checking for any updates on her at the little
    cafe with wifi hoping for some good news. How we write Ana’s name with rocks and in the sand as a prayer for her. This blog has been such a gift to all of us who felt so powerless but wanted so much to help. Thank you Ana, for letting your mom share your story with us. Thank you for being such a brave, inspirational, strong person. I can’t wait to witness the extraordinary life you will continue to lead. I am sad to see the end of this blog too, but I am ECSTATIC it is no longer necessary. Hope you are having a great vacation!!

  3. Whew what a year! I remember getting a phone message from Janne while in NYC. She was talking so low I could hardly make out, but I heard Ana and cancer..I thought I must be hearing things. I called back and the rest..well we know the rest. Love to you all. Go Ana!! You have a lot of people who love you and will continue to follow your progress. Have a fun year at School, you deserve it.

  4. I watched from miles away and wished that I could have been there and done something (anything) to help. I prayed, cried for and hoped for a day like this for you. Aside from doctors, nurses, pills, tests and procedures what Ana had was the most amazing support from a loving family and community! I may never get the chance to tell you in person you what an inspiration you are! All of you will forever have a place in my heart.

  5. It makes me so so SO happy for Anna to see how far she’s come after such a terrifying year. Still, I completely understand the wish to have life go back to how it was before. “New Normals” aren’t easy, especially when they differ so dramatically from the old normal. But give yourself time. This is all still very, very fresh. I know, WAY easier said than done right? But given the strength I’ve seen come out of you and your family over this last year, you are going to rock the hell out of your new normal. I know this. Thank you for sharing so much with us this last year. xo

  6. I really really like this ending. Two gorgeous girls, two gorgeous parents, thankful and hopeful and healthy… happily ever after! Thank you for sharing your story and talents.

  7. This post made me cry Jackie. I had tears of happiness because Ana is right, its over. Shes so bright and intelligent. You should try your best to move on. You all look great, its good to see your smiles. I agree with Maia, it sounds like a happy ending, evil was bested. And a little bit of sad tears because this is sorta a goodbye. I hate goodbyes, even if i know they arent for long.
    Take care of yourself. Im here if you need an outsider as a sounding board. HUGS to you and the family.

  8. I do recall meeting your girls, one day, at Cycle Kingston. I remember thinking how full of life they were. Then, I remember reading the awful news. It’s so great that only 1 year later, life, though altered, considerably, is back on track, and from where I sit, this is a happy ending,

    If you will allow, what follows is a bit of a personal note. While you and your family were wading through this horrific circumstance, I was knee-deep in one of my own; however, I learned a lot and was reminded of a few good tenets of a life worth living while reading this blog; it has changed my life. Thank you. Be well.



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