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  1. Jackie, that you could say what you did and have that conversation with Ana says so much. Wow. I’m sure it helps her, and I’m certain she will remember all of her life those things you and Jim have done and said as parents, as well as the love and strength of those surrounding her..

    I can recall when I was in high school asking my mom about us losing my dad about 10 years before that, so young at 45, and how could she believe that the world was fair. She responded, “it isn’t fair,” and she didn’t say it in a bitter way. Somehow that comforted me, and I always appreciated her truth. I know that Ana will keep this loving and honest conversation with her always. Keeping Ana and Em and you all in my heart and thoughts tonight!

  2. Having a kid who has gone through a lot of medical trauma, it is mostly impossible to see how this could possibly be a benefit to them. But a healer once said to Sahana at a real low point that she would gain empathy and wisdom beyond what is common as a result. I could not take that in at the time, so difficult was that period in our lives, and Sahana was really too young to really understand what the woman was saying. But it turns out to be true, these kids really do grasp what the Buddha meant when he said that “Life is suffering” at a depth beyond their years. I just wish they didn’t have to suffer to do so.


  3. I’m so proud of you, of Ana…..you GET it.. Bad things happen. but .we’re not being targeted by some angry spirit….bad things happen to everybody and while it’s not fair..no child should be dealing with what Ana is right now, it’s not some kind of psychic plot. Thinking it is makes it harder to deal with it, to do the things you need to do..to fight when you have to. It turns you into a helpless, hapless victim. You are angry and frightened and just plain furious..but you are far from helpless…I love you xxxx

    • Judy, that is so beautiful and so true. It’s wonderful how all of us who love Ana, Emily, Jackie, Jim, and the whole family can take heart from coming here together. What you wrote here helps me understand this whole thing better, when it’s hard not to question. Take care. Lots of love, Susan

  4. nice to think of her out in the world getting salad at Adams (one of my favorite lunches too). sending hugs every day and thinking of you always.

  5. I continue to be so grateful for the connection you offer all of us, Jackie, as we continue to keep Ana, you and your family in our prayers, our DAILY loving thoughts. As for luck, the fact is that TODAY is all any of us have, to live the best day we can with what is. It can all change on a dime, as you well know, as those of us with imaginations and awareness, and experience, well know. So, we count our blessings, lament our struggles, and the struggles of those we love, and those we don’t even know. Somedays perhaps we even become defiant and find irrational joy!!!! And grace. What a challenge! I pray for that grace for you, and dear Ana. And more more more good news from the doctors!!!!! With all my heart.

  6. I keep thinking about your reflections about “luck.” I love how real you get – with your daughter, with your friends, with yourself…..

    What a weird twist about the body image stuff that kind of already happens for so many girls. Throw chemo-induced hair loss into the mix? Wowza! What a crazy cocktail. I’m so curious to hear how the stylist session goes.

    Awesome to hear that a scan is happening…will be so nice to hear news about the thing itself, there’s just so much that goes on around it! Thrilled to hear her mouth isn’t hurting right now, that’s so great. And mask-free! Sweet! xoxoxo

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