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  1. What the HELL doesn’t even begin to describe what I suspect you’re all going through. Thank goodness you were spared the wrath of Sandy … like you need any more challenges. We are still without power in Lower Manhattan, though we have electricity from a backup generator in Paul’s studio over in the Brooklyn Navy Yard. The downside is that, unless we pick up a hitcher (which we’ve been reluctant to do, even in these desperate times), we can’t go back home until after Midnight. Still, having power for 10-12 hours each day has been a godsend.

    Hang in there, and it’s good to hear that Dr. Kato is interested in talking with you. The scope of that surgery is mind-boggling.

  2. What the hell! Yes! Like it’s not enough to navigate surgery on its own, wowza. Well, we’re in the swirl with you. Loved the pix of the Halloween costumes.

    Wow. A liver that gets operated on, on the outside. Of your girl. Her liver. How long do you require for anything to sink in enough to even make decisions about it? What the hell, indeed. xoxoxo

  3. Oh, Jackie! What heavy choices.
    You and Jim will listen and learn and make decisions based on knowledge and love of Ana.
    And we will be offering prayers and sending light to help you stay strong and to help Ana heal.

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