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  1. All evening I’ve been thinking of Ana and you all, knowing her CT scan is tomorrow. Thanks, Jackie, for updating everyone tonight. I’m going to wake up early, light a couple of candles, and send many thoughts your way and a lot of hope and prayer. Your ability to relay all this while just getting the info, assimilating it, and dealing with all of the emotions amazes me constantly,

    I love Ana’s honest, preteen moments, like “why do they hate me?” about Sloan. 🙂 Ana has been asked to have more composure, bravery, and strength than any 11-year-old should ever be asked to have. So it will be excellent to finally know what she faces with surgery and to see her on her way to full recovery and getting her days back again..

    I’m hoping tonight you can all sleep well and feel peaceful in envisioning Ana on her way to sure healing, being in good hands, and recovering completely. It’s awesome to see the girls drawing their Manga cartoons! I’d love to see them soon!

    Be well, and know that so many are with you tomorrow. Love to you all, Susan

  2. Ana needs a peripheral IV because her cath is not rated to tolerate the pressure of the contrast injection; it could rupture.

    Good luck tomorrow!

  3. Wow, what a day! Will definitely look forward to hearing about the results. I love how you are even able to keep it together with discovering such last minute but essential details. You’re such a great storyteller. Awesome Emily can hang back here with friends while you guys do the driving/waiting game tomorrow. Here’s to feeling the energy of rebirth after devastation as you drive into Gotham tomorrow. That rebirth is just the stuff for all of you right now. xoxoxo

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