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  1. FYI. If the need arises, I am an hour from Boston, in Plymouth,MA with 2 guest rooms and plenty of futon space for you ALL. Many other places and resources would open up as well if you need to relocate.

  2. Any hospital that got snippy about “having” to deal with another hospital and team of doctors for the good of a child isn’t really worth working with, since they don’t have their priorities straight – I think you will find cooperation between Westchester and Boston, however. Good for you for being proactive! I hope you have a feeling of empowerment just from making the phone call.

    If you do come to Boston, while most of your support network may seem far away, the internet means support and loving words are always available – and everyone will be thinking, “who do I know in the Boston area that can help?” and a new bunch of people ready to help will crop up! My hands are small, but I live just north of Boston and will do all I can to aid you.

  3. Everybody pretty much says it here, but I wanted to echo…how courageous you and Jim are in dealing with Ana’s pathway for treatment. It can be very scary, I would imagine, to pick up the phone and call another place or consult with others because the stakes are so major. This IS encouraging and great that you are consulting with Boston Children’s.

    I can’t imagine that these pediatric hospitals do not consult with each other all the time, and the Boston Children’s site alluded to consulting for patients all over. Janne was telling me (and posted it here) how the program “Stand Up To Cancer” makes just that point, that the advancements are coming in pediatric cancer because hospitals and practitioners are working together.

    It was so wonderful to see Ana (and Jim, too) yesterday. Her ability to verbalize has always amazed me, but never more so than now…I was so struck by her ability to express her concerns, feelings, and questions. That is so good. I hope you and Jim can keep taking little breaks in the midst of this stressful, exhausting time.

    I’m so glad that Ana’s class wants to come visit her in the hospital. Hope it can happen! Love to you all, and hope you can rest well tonight. Let’s keep our thoughts and visions absolutely seeing Ana on the path to healing.

  4. Hopefully Boston will work with Westchester since it is in the Miracle Children’s Hospital Network. Kris Carr also has a Doctor out of Boston Hospital. I am reading her book. I think it will be ok to stay here. But if for some reason she needs to go we will make it happen together.

  5. Jackie, I’m so glad you placed the call to Boston Children’s Hospital, and that they may have a treatment plan that will come with less of the usual ill effects of chemo. The last thing any of us want is to see poor Ana go through any more than she absolutely has to.

  6. That’s great, Jackie. Good for you. What an amazing job you are doing. Try not together ahead of yourself and worry about having to relocate. One step at a time. So great to connect with a place who are familiar with Ana’s disease.

  7. I think calling was absolutely the right move.. I’m sure that the team at Boston Hospital will be more than willing to work with the team at Westchester. I remember reading in their article that they do it all the time. I have a really good feeling ablout this…xxxx

  8. Hey Little Sis, I have to tell you what a strong person you have become good for you and your kids are lucky to have you…. I am gonna try to come up again on Sunday school started here and I have a new position at my job been busy keep up the good work and know you are in my thoughts…

  9. This is so promising Jackie. I just forwarded you an email from Kris Carr’s office, they want to set up a phone call between you and Kris and extended many EHE resources for you to consider as well.

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