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  1. This is sounding more & more like an episode of “House”! Glad you have such determined diagnosticians on the job for Ana. Things are definitely sounding more positive, too.

  2. Wow…so busy but there’s progress. And I am glad that you will get all helps, especially Medicaid. I heard that some parasite could cause cancer, there’s a woman in Phoenix that was thought to have brain tumor and it was not tumor but tapeworm larvae. Get a good rest with Emily, you deserve some rest.

  3. Wow! You were in so many different swirls of energy, activity, and new information here….you bring so much *awesome* to this equation of mystery and hard. I love how you process all of these parts, on such a huge foundation of love and determination. You seem as stubborn as Ana. 😉

  4. What Michelle said. And, I can’t believe what a day you had. You are AMAZING. Sounds like the hospital is really, really on top of helping you with all the insurance stuff. That is so great. Can’t wait to get the final word and know the next steps tomorrow. Love you.

  5. If you’re thinking of changing insurance, do you know about NY child health plus? it has plans administered through lots of different insurance companies, but once you’re qualified (the premium is income-based) there are no deductibles or copays. I don’t know if the transplant and drugs are included …. and of course I don’t know anything about your financial situation, but i just thought I’d mention it. good luck, with everything! I’m glad to see you’re starting to get some answers.
    (I’m a friend / former neighbor of Amy’s – we’ve met at her house a few times)

  6. We are waiting with baited breath, Jackie. Whatever you may have felt about being fully honest in this incredible blog you are keeping, I can’t fully express – and you know that is unusual for me – the gratitude I feel at your generosity in sharing your experience. It enables me…all of us… to join you, serve you, and be really specific in our prayers. The Hughesez send you big love and positive thoughts as your near the answer to what this is.


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