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  1. Hi Jackie and Ana,

    Your words brought tears to my eyes. The acute trauma you all have been through will fade into the chronic, long term and less life-threatening variety. That is when my world got the hardest. During the storm everyone clings together or is busy and focused on survival. Nothing else matters. Thank God you got through it, but now comes the calm. This is when all that other stuff that didn’t matter anymore becomes very important, for it is quite simply the quality of life. My prayers are with your family. You are a brave and strong bunch, and your daughter’s story an inspiration to so many. Thanks for sharing your journey.

  2. You mom is right Jackie, take it one day at a time. Enjoy each day and try not to let fear steal your joy. Youve all been through so much, you def neef to allow yourself some time to decompress. Your incredible. Have yourself a glass of wine and a snickers 🙂

  3. I know it’s hard, but PLEASE Try to take things a day at a time. You’ve been in emergency mode for months, and now suddenly you’re havig to shift gears and deal with a chonic illness.Dealing with a chronic illness is a whole new ball game, The earth has shifted, and nothing is the way it was before Ana got sick..it’s going to take time to adjust to a new reality. But you will adjust. Ana will get stronger, she won’t have to take as many pills every day..she’ll get back out into the world. She’ll deal with her limitations, she’ll take her medication, and if some people in the future aren’t understanding of those limitations..shit on them.. I love you ..

    • This post and advice are very heartening and loving, Judy! I just love the words, too: “Ana will get stronger.” At times, it’s hard to understand the extent to which Ana has come through the most involved, delicate, and difficult abdominal surgery, and it takes time for healing. It’s an awesome reminder you have written here for Jackie and Jim, and everyone, to remember to take it one day at a time.

  4. The perspective in this writing is beautiful and overwhelming. It is a journey no one would volunteer for but one that you and Ana are now a part of. Our support and love will not wane over the coming years. That is something you can rely on.

  5. Uneasy calm is surely putting it mildly! I appreciate your sharing your journey with us. It truly continues to be incredible! Baby steps, breathe, repeat as needed! Be kind to yourself, Jackie!

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