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  1. I so appreciate this question that flips the idea of transplant on its head, keeping some of the original liver. Brilliant. There’s something about just the question itself that says something about “we’re not about stop-gap measures, we’re in this whole-health view for the long haul.” I love how you shared that question with us.

    Psyched to hear you’re getting support from your own therapist, that seems like another integral piece to all of this.


  2. Hey there…suggestions for what they are worth. My kids have both gone through angry periods and here are some suggestions…not quite the same as they were over divorce and bullying..but the therapists still had suggestions that worked: If they like to draw or write those are both good outlets…they don’t have to show it to anyone. I got my son sketchbooks and he drew pictures I found later…thank goodness later. My daughter has stuffed animals and a giant pillow. She can punch the pillow. I even bought them a punching bag….that might not work with Ana. All of these things have worked at different times for us….just thoughts. Hang in there…

  3. i remeber reading once that “venting” anger doesn’t always get rid of it. if there is a way to re-channel the energy and make it more positive. would ana be one to try meditation? just wondering out loud really. i’ve always been a screaming, throw the plates kind of woman myself. but, when i was going through a really bad time i started working out and the physical exertion reduced my stress and anger. is there some kind of physical activity that would be appropriate for her? also, just as you needed someone to talk to outside of your family situation maybe ana would benefit also from talking to someone outside of her caregiving circle.

  4. Hi jackie – so sorry that things are so difficult for Ana. Did you manage to find Ana a councelor of her own as she should really have a place to vent and a place where she could work through this incredible stress. Venting and getting angry is such a normal part of the grieving process that Ana is going through, the same as it is normal for you and the whole family to feel this way and to have this need to rail at someone…. Other emotions are to be sad and depressed, to avoid the issue and acceptance of the situation. I am sure that Ana is vacilating between all these emotions and I think it would really help her to work with someone if she isn’t already. Playtherapy for children is a great place to work on these things however we have to bear in mind that Ana will need constant help as she moves between so many stressors and hopes and needs in the previous months and the months to come. The same for the rest of the family. So what can appear to be settling down can once more become a huge issue as yet another thing happens. What I am trying to say is that although these emotions are so typical, it is helpful to have a place to vent them where Ana’s emotion does not impact the people she loves most. Unfortunately the place she is safest and where she is most likely to vent is exactly where she is loved the most as this is the place Ana is safest. So – let me know if there is something I can help with. take care and love to you all at this stressful time, Mary-Ann

  5. Jackie, we are still following your blog and “hanging” in there with your family. I can’t believe it has been 4 months. It’s so hard to know what to say to help you prepare for this next big step so I just wanted you to know we are here. Please keep our phone number handy if you should have to go into the city on short notice and need help with anything here in the neighborhood. 658-8684 xoxoxox Carol

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