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  1. Jackie,
    Wanted to send Ana a care package and was wondering if it would be best to send to your P.O. Box to be sure she gets it.
    You are all in my prayers,
    Rose Vierno-Neil

  2. Hello I live in kingston and I have a 3 year old boy who is in remission from cancer. He was treated by dr hochberg as well- she is amazing! Your in the best hands! Praying for your daughter all the time…

  3. i went to the yard sale it did seem like a really really big success my mom bought some really nice earrings. pls tell me how much money u guys raised.

  4. I am crying reading your beautiful words of gratitude. The story of that first night is every parent’s worst nightmare, I think. But you guys have found the strength to not only survive this, but to research, ask questions and be Ana’s advocates. You are her support system, her lifeline. We support you in whatever way we can so that you can be her strength.

    I’m certain you will have many opportunities in life to “pay it forward” and I have no doubt that you will.

  5. We all had a magical day yesterday. Each time we sold a pair of earrings that Fiona and I made, we did a high five and a little dance. We are sending our love to all of you…

  6. I have a lump in my throat after reading your beautiful post and Jim’s and everyone’s comments. It was an amazing sale..You could feel the spirit and love there. That school is so special. (I was so happy to see Emily there, too, with her Dad.) We all want to lift Ana and you all up,

  7. <3
    Soon as my house is healthy again we will come visit I can't shake this cold going around but it is on the last kid now hopefully soon

  8. Actually the rain held off for most of sale. Everyone was so generous with their time and I would not have been surprised if they stayed until every last item was sold. It was almost as if the rain was saying to everyone that they something amazing but now it’s time to clean up and go have dinner with your families.

    Jackie – I wish you were there too. I was surrounded by a lot of great people today. Thanks so much to all who made this amazing day happen and to all who came out to buy something. I hope you got something good.

    Yes, we will be happily paying this forward forever.

    • So glad you were there with Emily, Jim. And so glad I was able to make some if it. It was beautiful to see all of the support that surrounds you. So many people working hard and having fun while helping members of the community. Thanks to everyone from me too. And hugs to you, Jackie, Ana and Em. I’m getting a cold again so I don’t think I’ll be visiting this week. But I’ll get that air purifier out of the basement and cleaned up in anticipation of Ana possibly coming home for a bit.

  9. I want to second what Jackie is saying. I have never felt this kind of support in such a difficult time. I told someone that at times, I’ve felt like I was trying to stay afloat in shark infested waters. You are the water. I don’t have words for the gratitude I feel for all that you have given to Ana and our family. Grandma Janne

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