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  1. Hi there
    You don’t know me but I’ve seen your posts and I Never comment this way but I felt compelled as a mom who lost a sick daughter and a young nephew. And in no way can I really know how you think and feel but I can share my journey and hope it helps you.

    I hated hearing people say to me that time heals. But for me, and I think I can say for my family , it does. The pain never goes away but it finds a spot deep inside which allows you to still find happiness, joy and laughter. I think it’s part of the human condition. The life force that keeps us going. No lecture, just wanted to let you know that for me, as the sun rises and sets, I healed.

  2. Wow you have another friend in Tampa? That is too odd. If u ever come down to visit her please know my home is open to you as well. Might offer suggestion to wait until after September unless you like walking around in a wet sauna all day. ????????????????????

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