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  1. Your a mom Jackie, worry never leaves you. And as far as feeling like you should be doing something when your doing nothing, I always feel like that. The mom is always “on duty” something always requires cleaning or organizing or cooking, and when we spend time with our kids, those unfinished tasks linger in our thoughts and never really let us forget we have work to do. Every moment cant be spectacular but Giving thanks everyday and enjoying the simple things like Anas laughter watching her be a kid and having fun with her cousins is the best and most spectacular way to enjoy the gift of life 🙂

  2. You’ve just been through this incredible ordeal..you’re slowly coming down. It’s changed you..changed all of you. You will never take the good stuff for granted ever again. You will never again sweat the small stuff.. You’ll get there., and you’ll be stronger for it..:)

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