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  1. Talia told me that she is worried about Ana because she had to go back to the hospital today. We are both sending Ana our thoughts and wishes as she goes through yet another challenging day.

  2. I like the idea of the makeup time for the birthday being spectacular, as Susan wrote below. Continuing to send good, good thoughts and prayers that the hospital tests go well and that Ana gets sprung for an excellent celebration. Happy birthday to Ana, and heartfelt care to you, Jim, Emily, the grandmas and grandpa, and all in celebrating Ana’s birthday. I have thought of you two — mother and daughter — sharing smiles and laughter, as you do so much — on this sunny birthday of your girl!

  3. I’m struck by the thought that, on her birthday, you and Ana will be taking this journey together, albeit of a different sort, but connected, mother and child, in a hospital as it was the day she was born. If there is sweetness to be gleaned, maybe it’s the comfort of mama and baby together on your day of days.

  4. Going over board on birthdays is a must. Its the only day no matter how many other people share it that is still our own. But it can be celebrated any where and at any time. It sucks that you guys will be in the hospital but the “makeup” day will be spectacular!!
    Good wishes, Happy thoughts and HUGS coming your way>
    Happy Birthday Ana

  5. Not the way anyone would want to spend their birthday for sure – but you’re right- it’s just a day- and I’m sure you’ll celebrate it with pomp and glee once she’s home and feeling better. Thinking of you guys! Here’s to nothing but good news!

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