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  1. Ensure! I grew up in my family’s nursing home all trough the eighties. My brother and I used to sneak the chocolate shakes a lot…we had no idea what they were for! Hope that ridiculous story gives you all a smile. It was good to see Emily and Jim at school yesterday. Max and Miles’s Coffee Shoppe fundraiser starts on Tuesday. The slogan they made up is, “Ana needs you and You new coffee!”. I want to know it that is okay wih you before they post it anywhere. Jannasays@gmail.com
    Much love as always!

    • Hi Janna. It’s totally fine for Max and Miles to do their fundraiser and so sweet. I love the slogan. It got a smile out of Ana too.

  2. Jackie I’m a friend of your moms and am following Ana’s trials closely. I have had horrible health problems and multiple lengthy hospitalizations and many misdiagnoses, not as young as Ana but starting at age 23. I understand how awful the whole thing is and how frustrating the process is in someone so young. If I have any advice to give, make sure they are giving her a laxative, especially if she is being treated with narcotics. Bran and fiber are her friends right now. 🙂 Books and puzzles and movies are good. So is a daily bath. And lots of positivity. But your love and support is the most invaluable of all. Knowing you are there fighting for her and watching over her is the best gift you can give her right now. Bless you and your family, you are all in my prayers. The blog to update folks is awesome. Hang in we are rootin’ for ya! Leah

  3. Was so heartened to hear about Boston Children’s (not to mention Ana’s laughter!), then felt a visceral teeth-gnashing when you posted your curve ball update. As others have noted, I too marvel at your composure. Hopefully you’ll get some closure on this biopsy SOON. Frustrating as hell that it’s taking so long.

  4. i hate to complain. but, why is it taking so long to get an accurate diagnosis? i keep seeing this lonely nerd in a lab coat under a single light bulb looking through a microscope. i know this is not the case but, if we who are following you can be this frustrated, i can only immagine how you must be feeling. it’s good that ana is eating and lo mein no less! (wish we had a decent chinese reataurant around here. a lot of people are convinced that they only eat cats)

  5. this waiting is so hard… it must be difficult to keep track of time/days of week/days waiting/hoping. I am sorry about Ana’s pain. I am sending love and praying for a good nights sleep for both of you. xoxo

  6. Jackie,
    I am so glad the info from Boston Children’s Hospital was helpful and that they are receptive to helping out by reviewing Ana’s records. I lit a candle for Ana at out annual UU ingathering on Sunday and asked everyone there to keep her in their prayers. My Tibetan prayer flag hangs for her in our front window- prayers said everyday for Ana. Take care of yourself, too.

  7. Still here with you, Jackie. I simply can’t comprehend the strength and composure required of you right now, and how well you are answering the bell. It blows my mind. We’re thinking about Ana all the time.

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