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  1. WTF? Excuse my French, Ana. Is this a cosmic joke? Did you ever read the book Catch-22?

    Jackie, CDPHP CANNOT insist you move to another hospital and then not cover the doctor there. They cannot!!!! That is crazy. This will get straightened out on Monday, I know it will. I am ready to go picket their offices with you if you don’t get answers FAST.

    I love Ana’s comment – “It’s just a transplant, mom”. Hilarious. Sense of humor does seem pretty critical right now.
    xoxo Steph

  2. I am sorry you guys are going through yet another thing on top of all the other things. From what Ive read youre a family of VERY strong individuals. A “freak out” is normal and usually somewhat useful. All that means is when you get to talk to someone you will be level headed, remember all the questions you have and hopefully (i will pray) get all the answers you want or need. Enjoy the rest of your weekend as best as possible. HUGS to all of you

  3. I can’t believe the chaos that you are deling with. I also wish there was some way of helping with this chaotic insurance mess. Good job on the midications etc – it looks like a martha stewart display now. Take care and see you as soon as Nataasha is feeling better, Mary-Ann

  4. Mom, i want you to just relax today. If i had the power to shut the stress of in your mind, believe me, i would. But yeah, this stuff is annoying me too. I mean, it just a transplant!

      • Movies = perfect. Wishing you all a stress-free day (as much as possible). Ana, your spirit is amazing! I loved your comment of “I mean, it’s just a transplant!”

        Jackie, I have no idea if this would help, but I looked around and found this resource for insurance and health care access problems and questions:

        Patient Advocate Foundation

        A woman and her husband co-founded this group after a dear friend was “battling breast cancer AND her insurance company,” the site says. The site has a “get help” link, which includes an option to “Web chat with an expert.” You may or may not get help from a third party, and you have been incredible in your negotiating of this insurance situation. But I wanted to send it to you just in case. Maybe this group can answer some of your many questions or provide recommendations about what you are dealing with..

        I could scream when I read about the maze and ridiculousness of the insurer’s actions. Swearing into the air — and phrases like “WTF!” — help. I think they allow one to expel a lot of energy before you get on the phone with these folks. It’s crazy!

        Enjoy the movies or whatever else you all do on this sunny day. Love to all of you!

  5. You capture that frenzy and confusion and feeling of being slammed, I so hear this feeling of rich impossibility in it all. You gals rocked that medicine organizing, wow! That was a really cool set of before and after pix! xoxoxo

  6. Navigating the insurance maze can be completely exasperating. I’ve been there. But, on top of what you are already dealing with, it must seem impossible. I wish there was something I could do to help. You need some kind of health insurance advocacy. Here’s a link to a section of the American Cancer Society’s website dealing with insurance. Maybe there’s something there that can help you.

    I’m glad some shopping and organizing helped make you feel at least a little better. Sometimes doing something that allows you to feel in control and see immediate results can help relieve some stress. For me it’s baking (and of course eating the finished product helps too).

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