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  1. I hope that the Washington Post permits your
    sharing your articles. To finish reading your latest article, one must pay or subscribe. I just don’t want to. miss anything you write. Regardless of your circumstances, you have a wonderful way with words!

  2. I too have two daughters. They are many years older than your two but they are much loved, and (thank God) very close, despite the age gap between them. I also have a son they don’t want to meet, as I gave him up a few years before my first daughter was born. He is an important part of my life but I can’t expect my daughters to feel towards him as they do each other…he is not half my husband, as they are. I can’t bear the thought that any of them could predecease me; children are meant to be one’s lifeline to the future. I think your ability to write of Ana is wonderful. Because you can express your feelings for her even now, her life has not been a waste. Thank you for your strength, and may it continue.

  3. Yes, Jackie, please place me on your mailing list for The Halfway Path. I have drawn strength and a sense of purpose from Healing Ana. Your writings inspire and comfort many. Please keep them coming.

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