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  1. Want to be sure that you have this information and number for your incredibly frustrating insurance co. experiences. If you don’t get a satisfactory answer, please let me know:

    For the seriously ill and their caregivers

    If you are seriously ill and/or are a caregiver of someone who is ill, this site will provide you with the comprehensive insurance information you need. New York State residents, now more than ever, have quality health insurance options and the power to obtain affordable coverage and determine their medical treatments. Unfortunately, during a time of illness, it may be difficult to navigate through the insurance system.

    Nurse giving patient medicine
    When an illness strikes, the information on this site will provide you with details of your health insurance rights and how to exercise these rights to ensure proper access to health insurance coverage. More specifically, the site is a convenient, easy-to-read, ‘one-stop-insurance information center’ for all of your insurance information needs during what is often a difficult time.

    If you have additional questions, you can call our Insurance Help hotline at 1-866-NYINSHELP (1-866-694-6743).

    If you have any comments about or suggestions for the Web site, please select the “Comments/Suggestions” link in the left-hand navigation to send us an email.
    1-866-NYINSHELP (1-866-694-6743)

  2. Oh Jackie- I’m sorry. Nothing’s worse than when your child is sick. Be strong. You and your family are loved! It’ll be terrific to meet. Maybe I can come too and meet you and Anna when Jon gets back from speaking.

  3. What a day of frustrations! And to be back to that place of wanting to scream, “Just give me a definitive answer!!!!” I feel for you.
    As far as the screw up at Sloan with the contrast, that is very far from my experience. I often had a long wait for a doctor visit, but never with any scheduled scans. And everyone always seemed competent and organized- not to mention compassionate. I am so sorry Ana got bounced around. I mention this in case you wind up back at Sloan. Don’t judge it by this experience. I really think you’ll all be in good hands.
    But as always, yell and kvetch as much as you need. Thank you for sharing.

    • I’m suddenly thinking “kvetch” implies whining. If it does please substitute the word “rail” in my last comment. Even when you sound your weariest, Jackie, you don’t whine. (I went to St Benedict Joseph Labre grammar school. I should leave Yiddish to the experts!)

  4. I’m sorry that it was such a long, exhausting day of waiting, leading to even more waiting. Although it was not what you were hoping for, the good news is that either way, it is operable. Hang in there. I hope that the tumor board has more encouraging news for you.

  5. Hi jackie – I was so hoping that yesterdays exhausting day would bring you to a point where a decisioni could be made but it appears that it has once again created mote questions. Thank you for keeping us all in the know, I really appreciate the time and energy that it is taking you to do this. I hope that you get some results soon, take care and love to all, Mary-Ann , Natasha and family

  6. Jackie, This is incredibly clear especially given your exhaustion. Thanks since we did not want to discuss this disappointing news around Ana. Love to you all.

  7. Sounds like an unbelievably long day of events to absorb. I like the news about the extra vein. Get some rest, Dooleys.

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