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  1. Jackie, you are so strong and ana is lucky to have a mother like you! i know a survival mode probably kicks in, but gosh, you are amazing.
    I want to scream for you too, just as someone else said above. i think about you and ana every day, i feel that life is so unfair! The other day a friend came over. He went though cancer as a 13 year old boy. He is almost 40 now and an amazing father and a husband and he was just so positive about anna and her story. he is with you also in his thoughts and i honestly don’t’ know how to offer help or what i could do from all the way here, but if you ever ask for any type of help, i would be beyond happy to help!!!!

  2. If I were closer, Ana and Jackie. I would drop in with y/our favorite ice cream. Here in Plymouth, we get ours from a dairy farm, Peaceful Meadows, so we know it is fresh. They even make there own whipped cream. Yummm. Then, as you, Ana, Jackie and I eat our ice cream sundaes, we might talk about hair. We might pull up on the internet lots of different short styles, colors, materials….who knows. But, what an opportunity to have fun with this new symptom of your illness. I could tell you about when my mother had her head shaved for surgery at 44. A friend made her a wig of human hair, long, flowing brown waves. It was HER! Better than her own- sooo much better. Thicker, fuller, in great condition. She was comforted knowing that a friend cared that much to donate the wig to her and to make sure she had it before she left the hospital. She felt loved, cared for and known. Safe, when she was physically vulnerable. The way you are with each other as a family–this will get you through. Maybe you will collect Ana’s beautiful hair and do something with it- make a braid? Donate it to someone like you, like my mother, who would feel the love that goes/ comes with it. But, don’t make any decisions without eating ice cream. Promise?
    With love, Mary Ann

  3. Soooo sorry Ana that you are loosing your hair. I know you have been worried that it will not grow back the same. I KNOW that it will grow back and be as beautiful as ever. But for now know we are with you and you are a beautiful girl no matter what. Love Grandma Janne P.S. I just want to say to Lauryn, you are such a good friend to Ana. I love to read your posts to her.

  4. I want to scream for you!! I don’t know why bad things happen to good people, but I do know good things happen to good people too and there will be good again. I can’t imagine what you are going through, but you are brave and strong, and good will come.

  5. this is just one of the little things that made me cry, but, ana had said that it would be cool for her to get to wear fun colorful wigs, so lets just look at the bright side, i know how scary it is, i had found out this morning and tried to hold back tears at scool (i managed to0 but , were here for you, together!!!!!

  6. i defiantly shaved my head at 19, i would not have done it at 12 or 13. i remember jr high and high school almost too clearly. i have a friend whose 4 year old daughter is currently undergoing chemotherapy for leukemia and she’s been without hair for about a year. every time her mom posts a photo of her, i am filled with admiration for this little girl and can’t help but recognize her beauty. (hair is extremely important in our culture but, true beauty radiates from within) ana’s hair loss may be a visual confirmation of what’s happening to her body but, it’s also a sign of her fight and her survival. (i know it hurts and scares you to see your baby like this. here’s a big hug for the both of you. i just wish my arms opened wider)

  7. you are facing your fears with your words – by speaking honestly about what you feel – you are powerful!

    Hugs to you all xoxox

  8. Again, you don’t know me but I want to say to from experience how hard it to say you’re okay when the world has turned upside down. It has. It’s not okay. It’s not fair. Yet, Ana and your family are incredibly strong and that means a whole lot in recovery. That and the best of medical care and hopes and prayers which you have in abundance.

  9. I am sitting here in tears. Until now I was holding out hope that somehow Ana would escape the dreaded hair loss. You have every right to be scared. I don’t think it would be normal to not be scared. We are here to help give you whatever strength we can, as you face the road ahead, the road to recovery.

  10. I understand Jackie, things seems unreal when bad things happen to us. It is okay to be scared, overwhelmed. You are Ana’s mother, of course you are worried and afraid. But , keep in mind that this too will pass. Look forward to the future, we are all praying for Ana’s healing and recovery.
    I am growing my hair now, I hope in two months I can harvest them, it almost reaches my waist. I hope Ana can also get human hair wig.

  11. Your post made me cry, with the thoughts of what Ana and you experienced in those moments and are continuing to go through. It is terrifying. I wish that all of us who care so much could join arms and hands, and encircle Ana, you, Emily, and Jim, and the whole family as a shield to make this whole blasted thing stay back.

    One way, perhaps, to reframe this precipice you are going toward: When you feel like you are at the edge, there will be doctors and nurses and other very skilled medical people at that juncture, to meet you and bring Ana through to healing. That doesn’t take away being terrified. I know. I hope to see Ana soon. I miss her very particular Ana chatting, which is just THE BEST! Love you all, and so much love to Ana. Please take care and keep reaching out when you are scared. We all care very much!

  12. So scary … all that you have been through…. I’m so happy Ana can get a human hair wig. My friend has a few wigs (she has alopecia) and the human hair wig is so beautiful. She gets comments on her “beautiful hair” every time she wears it!

    Please let Ana know, Cleo was so happy when she received Ana’s card and she is excited they can email each other!

  13. It is okay to not be okay. And its okay to talk about, write about, scream about. Do what ever you need to do to get through this. We are all here for you.

  14. Well, it’s pretty big, scary stuff – and the hair loss is such a tangible, visceral reminder of the seriousness of what Ana is dealing with, what you’re all dealing with. Sending lots of caring thoughts your way.

  15. Of course you’re terrified, but bravery isn’t about not being terrified , it’s about doing the things you have to do in spite of being terrified..you are my hero, and ana will be ok, and her hair will grow back.. You are a warrior…so is Ana….

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