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  1. Yes, it is as if some very twisted version of the feminist compact has come back to kick us right in the ass. Instead of a truly transformed role, we kept the never-lose-our-cool-always-have a-souffle-in-the-oven-chic and just added the always-striving-worker-woman to her. Let it go, Jackie, you are doing an impossible thing with amazing honesty and grace. And that is all you need to do.

  2. Hey Jack! Another incredible post. I always learn from you. And I will add one thing:

    Those people round the school yard and at the market and on Facebook and Instagram who seem like they are “calm, supremely organized nurturing woman-goddess who never loses her temper, always has a clean house, eats organic food all the time, and always, always, always lives up to everyone’s expectations” are putting on the same show you and everybody else is trying to put on. It ain’t never how it appears on Facebook. No one posts ass pimples there or erectile dysfunction or diarrhea or how many Klonopins they pop in a week. You are up against something more than most, but I promise, no one but you is holding you to this impossible and non-existent standard. Love you!!!!

  3. Very introspective but I might have said it in fewer words…be true to yourself. Few, if any, people can know or begin to understand what you are going through and the challenges yet to come unless they have been there. You hold your solar system together and let the universe worry about itself.

  4. This post literally made me bawl my eyes out. Youre not alone, so many moms feel this way, and then to be faced with such excrutiating news about your baby, something you cannot wipe away, hug or kiss away and heal with a hug is just earth shattering. But you are strong, you listen to her needs and wants and are a fantastic mom. Sending love and hugs to your whole family and healing, miraculous 2015!

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