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  1. I really enjoyed the clip of Emily! I remember her in PreK. She wanted to share a Barbie song for show and tell and was so shy she turned her back to the class before she could sing. Leah and I were surprised and delighted by her beautiful voice! Now she can sing on stage in the talent show or while being recorded just like that! What growth and what talent! (And what amazingly brave girls you’ve got.)

  2. Hi Jackie – I hope today’s visit went well and that the wheels are starting to turn. We hope that you have a wonderful thanksgiving together tomorrow. Take care and love to all, Mary-Ann, Natasha and family

  3. What anaccomplishment! whom ever said, “too many cooks spolild the broth” NOT SO in this case. There were so many hands, so many they couldn’t be counted. The whole fundraiser was filled with LOVE, COMPATION, HOPE, GRATITUDE, EMPATHY and an extremely strong feeling,
    from our souls to something much bigger than us. What ever it was, we were all heard.
    Especially Ana’s song.
    Thank all of you, Carla

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