Good Morning From Hospital Land

I’m running on maybe three non-consecutive hours of sleep but Ana had a pretty good night. She was up frequently but seemed to be able to get back to sleep pretty quickly too. She even walked to the bathroom around 2:00 a.m. although she nearly passed out and I had to get the nurse to help her back to bed. She was running a low grade fever around 11 or so and her heart rate was pretty high at that point (it kept setting off an alarm that bleeped when it went above 140).

To say she is ravenously hungry would be an understatement. They’ve approved a liquid diet but Ana is stubbornly refusing to eat soup or jello. They want to wait until they hear bowel sounds/movement before they let her eat so much as a pretzel. The fear is that she’ll throw up although at this point she’s nauseous and woozy from having to take her meds on an empty stomach.

I’m a little obsessed with her hunger and the misery that’s causing her. Other points of distraction include: An odd puffiness of her face that I assume is from the liquid they’re pumping into her, her emotional fragility (she burst into tears when someone posted a picture of a cupcake on instagram) and her coloring which seems off. I guess all of that is to be expected. It’s so hard not to be a mother hen andat least be able to feed her.

Thank you, Ana’s friends for your texts and messages. Keep them coming! It’s the only thing distracting her from the horrible hunger plus she’s smiling a lot.

More later…

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