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Good News Posted February 27, 2013 by Jackie Dooley


Ana’s labs improved from last week, so Dr. Martinez said she did not need a biopsy AND she doesn’t have to go back for a follow-up until the week after next! That’s like an entirely hospital-free week! I mean, what will I write about?? Ana’s weight was also down a bit more today, and Dr. Martinez took her off of one of the diuretics because her potassium level is high. Dr. M feels that the fluid issue will continue to improve as long as we restrict Ana’s fluid intake to no more than 1200 cc’s/day (about 40 ounces) which we’ve been doing for the last week anyway.

When Jim texted me that Ana wouldn’t need a biopsy and they were on their way home, I almost didn’t believe him. There have been so many ups and downs over the last few weeks that I don’t really know what to think or feel. Any kind of reprieve we’ve experienced just sort of felt like it was prolonging this horrible ordeal. It kind of felt like we were clinging to the side of a sinking ship before the next wave came along to pummel us. It didn’t feel like we were actually coming through the darkness to the other end of this thing. Could that actually be happening now? I’m afraid to hope for that – afraid to let myself feel too optimistic.

But she is home (biopsy-free) and she’s feeling better. Her energy is improving each day and she even begged me to take her on a shopping spree AFTER her long day at the hospital. I talked her into waiting until tomorrow and it probably won’t amount to much more than circling Target a couple of times, but I know it will make her happy. Plus I’ll get my mocha.


Ana was really appreciative of the lunch I packed her. She loved the little sodium labels I added. She even made me a card when I wasn’t looking and put it on my computer. Then she said she wanted to create a “feel good box” with me. She got the idea from a workbook that I bought her a couple of months ago which has all kinds of things inside dedicated to mothers and daughters spending time together, including coupons for things like “take a walk together” and “one extra hug.” So, we made the feel good box out of an old shoe box decorated it with wrapping paper, duct tape and stickers and put some of our favorite things inside. The idea is to bring the box to the other person when they’re feeling sad so they can pick an item or two that makes them feel good. I added the card Ana made me and she added a note I’d put in her lunch which contained the total sodium content of all the items I packed (on paper I cut out in the shape of a heart). LOL. feel-good


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