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  1. Your writing is so descriptive, I felt like I was transported [zip!] back to that day you received this pin. I felt your anxiety but also your willingness to be open about it with others. I felt the nurse’s compassion, I felt you receiving that compassion. You open your feeling channels wide, mama, and people step in to ladder you to the next place. You model courage every damned day for your family and for the world, just by showing up. Rock on. xoxoxo

  2. Thanks for a beautiful post, Jackie. We are all thinking of you today. I am glad you got to have Christmas at home. I hope the call for the liver comes any day now.
    Love, Steph, Dean, Rylie and Rhys

  3. It looks beautiful, Jackie; blessed Christmas to you all. Have your moments. May they be more than moments. May they be memories for the lifetimes of every member of your family, for a very long time. I believe.

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