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  1. Jackie this is WONDERFUL advice! I certainly know there have been times I just ‘assumed’ a doctor knew about this thing or that thing. It’s easy to forget how many patients they deal with a day.
    I will take his advice and apply it to all things health-related. Thank you!.

  2. Dear Ana you don’t know me but I read your story in the blue stone press. I hope things are going well for you? I work for the the New York State department if correction and I am happy we are going to do what we can to help you and your family. Your take care of yourself and keep smilling.

  3. What the what?! I feel like I learn something from every single post of yours! What a great piece of information you’ve shared here with all of us. I just love how your friend wrote that up, too, such accessible, engaging language (like you use!).

    I feel like you bring up such great, relevant points, and I so appreciate learning along with you guys. I seriously look forward to reading this blog every single time there’s a post because of twists and turns like you shared tonight. Not only are the facts interesting and insane all at the same time, but I care deeply for your family, so it’s personal, not just interesting. xoxoxo

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