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  1. I lifted up in prayer your heartbreaking need for temporary cat care, with a caveat for another solution. So gratifying to read responses from cat angels! Happy to read in your following post that you will be trying isolation. Yay! Praying it will be successful!

  2. I will put the word out today about possibly kitty-sitting for a few months, through a couple of vet techs who became my good pals through their exquisite care of Orlando and Sasha. They have big hearts and various contacts. My heart aches as I read about Ana’s tears at the prospect of being away from her kitties for this time period. I understand. It will be wonderful when she is reunited with them and well on her way to recovery, but I know this must be difficult as anything right now.

    Also, I shared your last column and a bunch of friends on FB said again what an amazing, brave girl Ana is and how much they are keeping Ana and the family in prayer and thought. As one wrote, “That little girl is so brave and I want so bad for her to be feeling good soon . I have no doubt that it will happen.” Keeping the faith and keeping you all close in thought and prayer. .

  3. Damn! I KNOW someone will take the cats for the few months. There are people who foster cats..I did it for awhle when we lived on Long Island. I would do it now if it wasn’t for the birds. Damn!

  4. Tom’s aunt lives in Warwick, NY and runs a shelter, and she might have lots of contacts for fosters if you can’t find a friend or neighbor (or might even take them to her house if I asked!) Just say the word and I will call her up.

  5. I will continue praying for Ana and the family! I hope you find someone to babysit the cats for you. My Mom years ago had a “new” surgery back in the 70’s where they took a vein out of her leg and used it in her ear, she was completely deaf, she was awake during the operation and all of a sudden she could hear everything! It was a complete sucess!! It is amazing what they can do now a days! You all are in our hearts and prayers!! Love to you all!! You cousin 🙂

  6. I”m so sorry you all had a rough day. i wish we could take your sweet kitties for you, i really do. let us know if there is anything else we can do. we love you guys.

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