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  1. Haha, I loved this: “It’s hard to live in the moment, particularly for those of us with type A personalities, but at this point it’s not like I have much of a choice. So I may as well go with it.”


    And the part about the arms and legs falling off the karate cookies was awesome. Ossu! 🙂 (yours were my daughter’s favorite cookies, by the way!)

  2. I am glad you decided to make those ninja cookies. They were delicious! We all enjoyed them, especially my daughter. And Emily did really well – her technique is great – she should be proud!

    Balancing a life on the edge is difficult. Give yourself credit.

  3. Elf is my favorite movie ever! And I mean not just during Christmas time. And those cookies are more than I can take. I love that you have surrounded yourself with a little holiday sweetness. The power of elf and cookies.

  4. The living in the moment thing is really the blessing of the holiday season. It is so easy to loser ourselves in it – the cooking, board games, holiday movies, and shopping – and days in our pajamas, that is really what everyone needs in this crazy, mixed up world! Revel in it…


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