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  1. We are all praying. People you’ve never met are praying, and hoping, and wishing you, your child, and your family well. In the deepest and best possible sense. Aho Mitakuye Oyasin!

  2. So glad you and the doctors have come up with a course of action. You can finally feel like something is being done towards Anas healing. I think the both of you are amazing parents. My thoughts and prayers are with you and Ana every day. I have been keeping Emily in my prayers too and asking God to protect her heart and watch over too while she struggles also with the drastic changes in her life.

  3. Jackie, I have been thinking about some of the energy exercises by Donna Eden. Have you ever heard of them? Very simple things to help your body move energy in healthy ways. She explains how crossing mid line every day – just swining arms when you walk or patting head while rubbing belly coordinates our natural healing healthy energies. I think she has some exercises on you tube. They make me good when i don’t have much energy and just need a boost…. maybe good for being stuck in hospital room?.. In her book she talks about doing these exercises with children to help them focus and help them heal….

  4. Hi Jackie, Ana, Jim and Emily. I just wanted to let you know that you are all in my thoughts and prayers today and every day. I hope that Ana’s tumor continues to shrink with this therapy and that you all have the strength and faith that this will work. Take care and thank you so much for the daily posts, Mary-Ann

  5. i am pleased to hear that you and jim have decided on a course of action. it must feel so much better than the waiting. thanks for clearing up that whole “reasonable” thing. that word would make me frown if i heard it from my doctor. we will continue to pray for ana and for all of you.

  6. I am not given to praying, either, and I really doubt there could be any meaning in the world that would justify the agony you all are going through. I have a 10-year-old daughter and a 12-year-old son, and we are dealing with a bunch of chronic illnesses in our family, but whenever someone gets fed up with that I remind them that we still are the lucky ones. My thoughts are with you, hoping for a good outcome against all odds. It has been known to happen before, it can happen again. (You don’t know me, Anja Gr… pointed me your way). Made a small donation for now, will be back for more.

  7. There are so many of us praying for Ana. Congratulations on making a decision about the chemo. You have done an amazing job of researching all of the options. Sending all of you and everyone who loves Ana love and strength.

  8. Thank your physician friend for me, really I know who he is, tell him I said thanks. The word ”Reasonable” has been turning my stomach ever since our long talk with Doctors Hochberg and Elmacken on Friday. I’ve always used as to mean something like “good enough” but somehow his descriptions doesn’t sound as bad.

    Also Ana is sleeping now and seems to be doing okay. Earlier she had some odd face pain that she had trouble describing and asked me if her eyeballs were still in her head. It was relativity brief and all is good as can be for the moment. I know it’s all going to be fine, but the face/eyeball thing freaked me out a bit. I felt like she was a bug that i just sprayed with raid. that’s a crazy feeling to have about your own kid but it’s over now.

  9. It’s easy to be a monday morning quarterback and hindsight is 20/20, but now, you can only go with your mother’s instincts and all the information presented to you in this moment to make the best possible decision at this moment for your daughter and your family. go with it and then have faith and prayers and positive hope. You’ve asked all the questions, done the research, ask the questions again, made the doctors ask other doctors…..you’ve done what you can do, no mother should have to make the decisions your making but be strong and lean on your family and friends when you feel yourself slipping, that’s what everyone is here for. your family has been very brave and there are so many people cheering for Ana to get well and soon.

  10. I read your first sentence and I looked into the sky (from my bus seat) and started to pray. And then you asked for prayer. You have it from so many of us…I hope you can feel it. Ana is so tender. When I start to ask why, why, why, I push to stop and focus on energy, light, prayer, faith

  11. Seatbelts on and constant prayers for Ana. I had a major tantrum in the middle of last night that this is happening to Ana. It helped. But still can’t come up with a sense of meaning for this sorrow. Maybe that can’t come until she’s healthy again.

  12. We have met at the FF Walks over the years. I have been reading and following your updates. I think of Ana and you guys every day. As we start our Jewish Holiday, I will be praying for Ana and sending positive healing thoughts into the universe and right in your direction. From what I have gathered, Ana is an amazing, incredibly brave young girl who has an amazing family, friends and support system! You have a lot to be proud of.
    I would also like to make a donation which I will do.
    Thinking of you and sending healing thoughts your way.

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