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  1. Nope. There isn’t. Time means nothing and everything, all at once. Grateful to have found you on this path.

  2. I know exactly what you’re talking about. I’ve been going through my own Exit Pencil crisis in the last couple of years as I learn to deal with a chronic, life changing illness. You go through all the stages of grief when something like this happens..you mourn for the person you were before the crisis hit..before things changed…you bargain, you get really really angry..and then, although you would really prefer it hadn’t happend, you deal with it..and you accept it..and yeah, you change. You don’t take things for granted that you would have before. You cherish sitting in front of a TV with Ana and Emily. I dragged Dad out to a movie the other day..I REALLY enjoyed sitting in that theatre and eating popcorn andd watching that movie, in a way I never would have before I got sick. You find yourself smiling more, being kinder.more tolerant…you mentioned being a type A personality in one of your posts..you may find yourself coming out of this a type B…you’re going to stop and smell the roses . I can’t power walk anymore, but I’ve started drawing again, and I can feel a depth in my work it didn’t have before..there’s something about having to push through a crisis that makes you stronger. Ana is going to come through this..she will be strong and healthy again..and you’re right..you will never look at the world the same way ever again. I love you..Mom

  3. Love hearing your laughter through your post…..So appreciate your willingness to share all these real feelings with the rest of us. xoxoxo


    We love Sponge Bob, too!

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