When: Sunday, April 28th at 3 p.m.
Where: High Meadow School, Stone Ridge, NY
Ticket Price: $15.00



The Healing Ana Concert Series Continues with “Sing It For Your Sister!”

Amy Helm, Ruth Ungar, Rebecca Martin, Elizabeth Mitchell, Rachel Loshak, Grenadilla and special guests come together to raise funds to help defer the cost of Ana’s medical expenses.The second in a series of concerts to benefit our family will take place on Sunday, April 28th at 3:00 pm at the High Meadow School Performing Arts Center in Stone Ridge (3643 Route 209). Hudson Valley-based and nationally know female vocalists Amy Helm, Ruth Ungar, Rebecca Martin, Elizabeth Mitchell, Rachel Loshak and the band Grenadilla will be performing.Tickets are $15 for general admission. Advance tickets are available at http://anadooley.brownpapertickets.com/.Doors will open at 2:30 and the music will begin at 3:00. In addition to the music there will be a bake sale, raffle, t-shirt sales, and other items to purchase to raise funds. Ana was diagnosed with a very rare cancer in August of 2012 and had a liver transplant in February of this year. We continue to face numerous expenses related to Ana’s illness which include monthly post-op care for Ana’s transplant, the cost of Ana’s many anti-rejection medications and travel to and from the hospital on a near weekly basis.

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  1. Hi Jackie, Jim, Ana, and Emily,
    Jackie, I wanted to tell you that I read your blog almost every day – and have laughed, and cried, and sighed many sighs of relief. I think you are an amazing family.
    I’m so glad that you are feeling better Ana, and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that you can head back to school very soon.
    Loved your drawing of the liver (reminds me of the time I had to do a drawing of an organ for a science class I was in, and did the stomach (your drawing is much better!). I love the photo of the “shadows” taken on your walk with your mom – whenever my daughter, Valerie and I go special places we always take a picture of our shadows – it’s fun to see the places our shadows have been!
    Just wanted to send you all my love, and to tell you that I’ll see you in April for “Sing It For Your Sister”.
    Until then-hugs to you all


  2. We would like to donate a Gift Card for $100 to the raffle. Let me know where to mail it and i will send it right out. Best wishes to Ana and her family – it’s great to read your good news.
    Agnes Devereux

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