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  1. Such an uplifting and positive note today! You all certainly deserve to bask in the sunshine for a while!!! Enjoy these glorious moments. 🙂

  2. At last you can feel “”wind beneath your wings”! Bravo for great support from Ana’s school teachers, staff and adminstrators!
    Best of all, Ana is connected to her classmates! Wonderfulness abounds! Yay!!!

  3. I chatted a lot with Ana today..she sounded wonderful…I found myself tearing up in a good way too…I hope she DOES get into Shakespeare..being me, I love the Tragedies..Hamlet, MacBeth…ok, I’m getting teary again…I love you mom..

  4. I can almost “hear” a smile as I read this post. Maybe because I smiled, maybe because I think you all need to smile more, Im not sure. The fact that you have some happiness in your day IS AN AWESOME THING!!!
    One day at a time.
    And technology is a wonderful thing.


  5. This post makes my heart sing. I am crying, but in the good way, which is not how I often cry when I read this blog. May this be the start of many more wonderful days for Ana to come. I ditto your appreciation for the teachers, administrators and 6th graders at HMS and all they have done for Ana – A.MA.ZING!

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