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  1. Rita,
    I just got all excited when you said there were plans with a $2500 deductible for MVP but I conveniently overlooked the word “Silver” – I don’t like the silver plans. I think the premiums are too high (when you consider the other costs), but I just looked again thinking…well…maybe I missed something. (sigh) I don’t know why I even bother to get my hopes up. The silver plans from MVP range from $850 to $900/month for the premiums and the deductible (for a couple) is $3000 to $4000 (not too bad, but for that premium…) But the out of pocket maximum is still very high with MVP – $12,700, emergency services cost a lot more and there’s a 20% coinsurance for hospital stays (which is where that out of pocket max will pinch you). So, IN CONCLUSION (sorry), the out of pocket expenses + the higher premium cancel out the lower deductible for MVP (in my opinion).

  2. Wait, you’ve been on the NY health insurance website? The silver plans for mvp have a 2,500. deductible. I’ve had them under healthy NY for a while and they seem to be OK, I’m not sure what your premium would be(our child health plus is 15 per kid) but I don’t think it’s anything like what the cdphp was going to increase to (if that’s a sentence…). I looked at health republic, and couldn’t find a single Dr. I’d ever heard of in any field, You might want to make sure some one takes it. Any way, good luck and don’t panic! Love, Reta

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