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  1. Thank you for writing this trenchant piece, Jackie. I am still crying for the kids, the adults, the community touched by this tragedy. I retired after serving many years as a Principal of schools in Fairfield Co.,CT. Words like, “Lockdown” and “weapon” still bring chills. The school Principal and psychologist who lost their lives to protect the children did the best they could to stop this person. Heroes. And the 1st grade teacher, 27 years old, who hid the kids in the closets and sent the gunman out of the room, not before he shot and killed her, she too is a heroic human being. I light one more candle for their brave, loving souls. They knew what they needed to do without hesitation. Peace to you and darling Ana.

  2. This is so eloquently stated and beautiful.My heart aches that Ana and Emily, or any child, has to hear in our world about a child being gunned down. I believe it’s not irrational for you to cry at hearing news such as this horror of yesterday — it’s part of our humanity. That you know even more in your heart the priceless quality of your children’s lives — and of each day — makes something like this hit home even more, I feel. I’m happy to read about your tucking in those two sweet girls. I join with you and others in uniting my tears and heartache with those parents and dear ones of the slain in Newtown..

  3. yes…. tears and more tears…. broken hearted….as I am sure so many mothers… parents across the country – around the world… and THE mothers and fathers, grandparents, siblings, friends…. I can not even begin to pretend to imagine…. oh how can they even breath and keep their hearts beating? All I can do is say over and over and over…. love, love, love, love, love…..

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