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  1. When Gabe was small, I always lives with the knowledge in the back of my mind that things were moving so fast; that there would be a thousand last times I would not know were last times until later. The last time I reach to him in bed. The last time I did the grumpy old lady penguin voice for him; the last time he carried a lunchbox; the last time I held his hand while we crossed the street. The last time he fell asleep in my arms. The last time he took my hand and held my fingers lightly to his arm because he wanted me to give that gentle touch he loved so much.

    I’ve long wanted to write my own novel, or something. It would be called The Eternal Moment. Time is flexible and doesn’t mean what we think it means, and in that stretched-out, eternal moment of my passing, I want my one day. I want my one day, from midnight to midnight, like Emily Webb in Our Town, just a normal day with my little boy again. I’m determined to have it.

    But I love my young man, too. I am so blessed for all this time, all the changes, and all the last times. I have made mistakes, wasted time, missed out on great opportunities with my child. I’m human. I can spend time regretting or spend time grateful.

    Thoughts and prayers with you today, sending love, light, steadiness, knowledge, peace, grounding, insight, faith, patience, and brilliance to you, doctors, nurses, every soul involved.

  2. Sending my very, very best thoughts for Ana today. Lots of people here in NYC rooting for you and sending happy, healing thoughts!

  3. thanks for your words and for your strong spirit, shared with your children and with us. Yes this growing up thing is a gift we all experience unknowingly everyday. And oh the longing for those toothless smiles. Sending our prayers for easy surgery and speedy healing and safe and sound at home soon. xo

  4. I pick Max up tomorrow and we will pray together for Ana. We love you all very much and send all of our best for healing healing healing healing!!!

  5. What beautiful reflections. And a gorgeous poem – I never saw that before. I feel that way too – all the time. Where are my babies? Why didn’t I appreciate that time more? You’re writing is so powerful and so real Jackie. Thank you for sharing this with us. We’ll be thinking about you all tomorrow and sending love – tons of it! xoxox

  6. Cousin you are all in my thoughts and prayers!! Ana is a strong young lady and God is watching over her every minute of every day! Keep strong and keep your faith even stronger! God will keep you all safe and make Ana healthy again! Please let Ana know her cousins in Colorado are all praying for her fast healing and healthy future! God Speed!!!!!

  7. WITH YOU! Thanks for keeping this connection updated, to be continued!
    May everyone, Ana, you, the family, the doctors, the support system, everybody
    have a really really really great day tomorrow!

  8. Wishing you only good things tomorrow and onward! Sending positive thoughts and prayers for Ana’s successful surgery and healing. Caring parents long for those simpler times when facing new and unexpected difficulties. Cherish the memories and appreciate how much you have learned and overcome. Your commitment as a mom is admirable and is to be commended. Thank you for sharing your journey with us.Good luck tomorrow!

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