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  1. The fact that you can start breathing again is a testament to your incredible strength. And despite being overwhelmed with information and emotion, you keep going forward. Ana’s got amazing genes and amazing role models. No wonder she’s so strong!
    I loved the picture of Jim’s soda. Thanks for giving your readers a moment to laugh and BREATHE.

  2. Jackie – Goodness I’m exhausted reading this entry! I can’t imagine how pooped you and Jim must be after such an information-overload of a day. Extra prayers tonight from me to you all!

    When you kept mentioning about the “breathing”, I thought immediately about a video I’d seen by a group of singing nurse anesthetitsts (CRNAs) from the midwest. We medical people try to keep our sanity in many ways, including strange humor. I’m sending you a youtube clip that I hope you will find a little clever and maybe even a little soothing. Fingers crossed that one of these links will open for you. If not, I’ll email it to you.


    Keep smiling, and please keep breathing.

  3. Jackie, You are not alone!!!!! We are a strong family and will stand with each of you in this. Emily will be safe and well taken care of. Amy, Stefan and I are all here . Emily will have all of us during this time, Including a room of her own in my house when needed. She will have us and her cousins. Remember she also has her incredible High Meadow community. You and Jim have done such an incredible job in finding the right medical team for Ana. And we will all get through this together. We will get to the other side of this. I have a feeling it’s time to put our seat belts on and do the best we can to TRUST the process. Love you all, Janne

  4. Jackie you will not be alone. We will make sure of that. Neither will Emily. I know that it’s a scary thought but if this surgery happens there is nowhere else we will all be but to be there for all of you.


    • This could be it? I’ll be sending my prayers and anything else your family needs. May this be the beginning of the end to your hardships. All my love, Allyson

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