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  1. All of you are an amazingly beautiful family. When I think of you and everything you have gone through. I can’t even begin to fathom all the steps that you had to take from day one.
    You remind me of a fine, tuned watch with all it’s gears. Every one of you is another part
    and each part knows exactly what it has to do…. In other words; you are amazing!
    What precision!
    Ana and all; have “Set Fire to the Rain.”

  2. I am speechless! I cannot believe she is home so quickly. Ana, what a powerhouse you are. I am utterly thrilled that you are all back home and now you can take turns wearing that funky watch whe you play in a fort made from a jillion bottles of pills. BUT, it seems Ana has been a trooper about that too. We are dancing with joy over here that all is well. Much love!

  3. Waking up this morning, I felt amazed that Ana is home with you and Jim and Emily. WOW! Step by step by step. She is so awesome in the way she is being so active in her own healing. Your girls are incredible!! Hope you enjoy many little things and pleasures that have been so hard to come by lately and mean so much! Love to Ana and you all.

  4. What an incredible full circle journey you have all made. So very happy for Ana that she is on the road to resuming her happy life. 🙂 And so happy for the family that you’ll be there with her.

  5. This is a beautiful thing….I had chills reading your words as I have had quite a few times but this is happy, wonderful feelings/ chills for a strong young lady and family. Best wishes, good vibes, HUGS and prayers to all of you in this recovery period.

  6. Hooray!!! Welcome Home!! Lauryn was so excited last night when she found out Ana was home 🙂 I’m sure it’s nerve-wracking for you, but I’m sure it feels great for Ana. I will keep Lauryn away until you and Ana feel up to a visit. I think it just helps her to know she’s home, right next door.

  7. Sooo happy for Ana, Mom Dad, Emily and Lauryn! Giving much thanks to God, the doctors and nurses who cared for Ana throughout this ordeal! I am truly astounded at the miracle of life we have witnessed here! Thank you Jackie for giving us a glimpse into your life at it’s most vulnerable, and watching all of you day to day emerge with unimaginable strength! Ana, we have truly witnessed a miracle in your life and look forward to seeing you grow up to be the women you were meant to be here on this earth. You are all an inspiration to those who have followed this story!! God bless all of you!

  8. Wow is right! Amazing! I guess in my head I thought she’d be in the hospital for weeks after the transplant. It’s truly amazing what doctors, technology and the human body can do!

    Still praying, still thinking and still love reading your updates. Thank you for letting all of us in during the most difficult time of yours and Ana’s lives. The journey was/is unthinkable, but your living it! The Dooley family is truly an inspiration to us all!!!!

    Gooooooo Ana… You show life who’s a fighter!!!

    Hugs to all!

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