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  1. Is it wishful thinking to hope that “no news is good news” in this case? I mean, if there was something really troubling on the MRI, wouldn’t they have been on the phone to you 2 days ago?

    BTW, hell of a way to get a family vacation, isn’t it? But God bless Make-a Wish! Our pediatric primary care office contributes to it annually. I work with recipients and have seen the joy and relaxation it brings.

    • Yeah, I think that’s wishful thinking. I think part of what’s taking so long is that we got the scan at a local MRI place, rather than at the hospital where there’s usually a radiologist, and often the referring doctor, available to read it. That’s one of the drawbacks of going locally. However, it probably would’ve taken a couple of weeks to get her on the schedule at the hospital anyway, so even though we need to wait a couple of days, I still feel that we’re able to get results quicker this way.

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