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  1. I just keep praying. I know that praying “this isn’t happening” isn’t working so well but I just keep praying anyway. I have a son, and I can only estimate the worry. I can’t wish this for us, but can only pray for your relief and the best of news. I am sorry to all if that sounds at all harsh or unfeeling, but I hope its understood. Let Ana be well.

  2. Jackie! It is remarkable how you are able to organize, articulate and write your thoughts over the course of this ordeal. The Cohen’s are sending all our warm fuzzies your way. Max is texting Ana, and told me to stop asking him what she says. But please send her our love. I recommend you and Ana get out the lap top and watch some garbage television that is so vapid it makes you feel superior and fabulous like “Dance Moms” or “Toddlers in Tiaras”. They usually play about ten in a row. Kisses, hugs, and love to you guys!!!

  3. There is so much you all know now about this process, it really comes across in your writing, Jackie. I can also relate to the incision issue, and it is good to hear that the doctor had the opportunity to improve that…it just stinks that you have to go through any of this at all. We are all thinking about you, Ana, and in anticipation of your healthy return!

    Jackie, one more thing…there is a time and a place for quitting coffee…just sayin’. Keep writing!

  4. Ah…hospital time…not anybody’s cup of tea…drink in as many unbusy moments possible until you are home on your own clock. I can so relate to the incision size surprise. After a year, the scar has faded along with its memory. Wishes for smooth sailing for you all! God bless!

  5. In my opinion angry is ok if you dont take it out on unsuspecting people. Send me a message and complain all you want….I can take it!!!LOL
    You are a strong individual, anger has to come to clear the worry sometimes.
    HUGS, good vibes, prayers and any other healing feeling to you Jackie, Ana and your family.

  6. Oh Jackie. No one should have to endure this. You are right that anger isn’t helpful, but certainly understandable. We are all thinking of you and Ana right now. Thank you for the update. Have some black tea, at least.

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