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  1. As my grandmother would say “your nerves are shot” which means that when you’re at your stress limit every problem seems insurmountable and every issue becomes a potential disaster…Of course, this IS a potential disaster, but it sounds like you’ve got it under control…Stay safe

  2. Hi Jackie – It sounds as though all in your home is prepared. John was also talking about water in the bathtub. On a funnier note, we have had the neighborhood blowing leaves all morning – starting around 9am. I don’t know why since the storm will most likely blow more down and the piles away anyway, but I am sure it is for the same reason you now have a battery operated candle – they will also be feeling prepared. Anything you need just call and we will help if we can. Take care, Mary-Ann

  3. Well, sounds like you’re really well prepared – and you have lots of company in your anxiety! By the way, it was a joy to spy Ana the other night, congrats on that achievement!

  4. I understand, I will do the same if I were you. You are well prepared, so try not to worry about the storm. Will keep you all in prayers, and I am sure Ana will be just fine during the storm. What about the tall trees? Do you cut them? Hugs Jackie:)

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