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  1. Jackie, I’ve read this entry several times and I’m still boggled by all the information you’ve shared with us. As a mother, I can feel your brain churning. As a dreamer, I could be exhausted by your dreams. But EVERYONE should have a friend like your Lindsay, whose simple statement makes the most sense of all.

  2. Jackie I would be doing just what you are doing. In fact just found an amazing brain book. Information is more than hope its possibility. Keep on keepin’ on! All my love. Allyspn

  3. Keep after ’em, and keep doing what you’re doing. Remember the story I told you about my husband’s friend who defied the odds, sought an unconventional treatment, and is still here to tell about it. He’s got the doctors asking HIM now. 😉

  4. It’s official, you are Google Queen. It doesn’t sound crazy at all – it sounds like love and determination and like you are a kick-ass amazing Mom! I wish, like many others, that we could do something to help … sending love and prayers.

  5. Yes, it’s love… and it’s smarts. In addition to being a great researcher, your greatest strength may be that you do not know what is impossible, so you ask! Yes, do not underestimate a mother lion with a search engine.


  6. Hi Jackie,

    Just want you to know that I am always here for you. I have been following your posts and want you know that my prayers are with you.

  7. NOT CRAZY. Ingenious and dedicated. If you want to go over every detail with me 10,000 times let me know. It seems like everyone you reach out to wants to help. That is very encouraging.

  8. Jackie: We don’t know each other although I wrote something on this site a long time ago. I just want to say, based on an entirely different experience with my son, that you may well be the “smart one.” You’re the one who is going to ask the deepest questions, like you did above. The specialists have special knowledge but you have Ana and you’ll go to the ends of the earth to get answers.

  9. Of course it’s not crazy..it’s love. AND you are very smart and very analytical and very good at research..I’m so proud of you!!

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