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  1. Call help me Howard on pix 11. Here is number to station 212-210-2614. U r supposed to email help me Howard but tell them how urgent and all the bad reviews and your thoughts. Hope this helps to get Ana what she needs. Hugs to you, sandy Reid

    • Thank you, Sandy. I’ll file this info away and wait. Right now, I’m going to assume that Accredo is working on processing the prescription and that Ana will have her meds soon.

  2. Wow – that is some scary stuff. Why in the world would someone be in a business of life-saving meds and then make it such a pain in the ass to get them to people. It makes no sense. They sound evil. I am so sorry! The company name they are associated with “express scripts” sounds like an illegal pharmacy and their facebook reviews are no better. I wish I could get on the phone to help. I wonder if we could track down the name/number/fax of a CEO??

    • Well, I went to the Facebook page. You’re right – I shouldn’t have looked. Did you know that Express Scripts made over 100 BILLION (with a Dr. Evil “B”) dollars in revenue last year? Right now I have to assume they’re working on getting the meds and all will be well – my freak out stemmed from those first two baffling phone calls and my subsequent research about Accredo, but the nurse practitioner has dealt with them in the past and says she’s never had a problem…so…

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